Earl’s Variety has a new name!

When Liam Vainola decided to open a restaurant in the Glebe, he started with the idea of honouring his grandfather. “Earl’s Variety” was the perfect name. In the 1930’s the original Earl worked in a ‘variety store’ trading post in northern Saskatchewan.

Soon after opening, the restaurant received a letter from a law firm representing the “Earls” chain of restaurants based in Western Canada: The name Earl’s was taken and we needed to find a new one. This news was both dumbfounding and flattering, but change it we did!

The name has been changed to “Erling’s Variety”, since Erling was Grandpa’s official first name. Welcome to Erling’s Variety – the name has changed slightly but the delicious food and warm atmosphere are the same!


Erling’s Variety is named after the owner’s grandfather Erling Bjorgan.